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 Jordyn Shellhart In A Room

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PostSubject: Jordyn Shellhart In A Room   Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:37 pm

Does anyone have a physical copy of this CD? I just got mine today and there's a hole punch in the top left hand corner on the side (well more like a drilled hole or something). I bought it new off Amazon. Is this a legit copy?? I googled what it means and I read that if there's a hole drilled through the case it means it's for promotion or it's like discontinued or overstock or something. This CD was discontinued I guess because it's not available on iTunes and her site it gone, so I can't buy it there. The shrink wrap was kinda weird, too. And the side looks a little scratched up. Mine looks legit, but I'm confused :/ Anyone know what's up with it? Thanks!!
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Jordyn Shellhart In A Room
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