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 Didn't they

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PostSubject: Didn't they   Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:05 am

She walks to school with her arms crossed
It’s just another day
At 10:00 she hears the screaming
And finally she sees them
It’s scary how things change
And I saw the story on the news
I saw the footage from the roof
I sat down and cried

Didn’t she call you?
Didn’t she need you bad enough?
Was there some reason I’m not aware of
Did you not write it down?
Just one more thing to do
Where were you
Didn’t she pray too?

He kissed his wife goodbye
And took the earliest flight
So he could be home that night
To put his kids to sleep
And down the aisle, three men walked
And said we’re here to die for our God
He stood up and said that’s funny
Cause my God died for me
I put the magazine down
I read his words out loud
I sat down and cried


The taxis pulled up
On the very day of
They went 100 floors up
Just to come back down
They never thought they’d see the day
That the towers were up in flames
There was nothing left to say
When it all came down


I walked to school and I wore a cross
I’m counting every day
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Didn't they
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