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 Trade? Looking for Gracie!

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PostSubject: Trade? Looking for Gracie!   Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:25 am

Hi guys, here is my list of rare Taylor songs. I'm interested in trading for anything I don't have. I am particularly interested in 'Gracie' so please message me if you have it!

1. What Do You Say?
2. Sweet Tea and God’s Grace
3. Dark Blue Tenessee
4. The Diary Of Me
5. Crazier (demo)
6. Being With My Baby (acoustic)
7. Better Off
8. Stupid Boy
9. Thinking About You
10. Tim McGraw (demo)
11. Writing Songs About You
12. Perfect Have I Loved (acoustic demo)
13. All Night Diner
14. We Were Happy
15. I’m Every Woman (cover)
16. This Is Really Happening
17. Look At You Like That
18. My Cure
19. Ten Dollars and A Six Pack
20. Closest To A Cowboy
21. I Wished On A Plane
22. Fearless (demo)
23. Permanent Marker
24. Don’t Hate Me For Loving You
25. Drive All Night/Just South Of Knowing Why
26. Tell Me
27. I Know What I want
28. One Thing
29. Fall Back On You
30. I Heart Question Mark (Demo)
31. Matches
32. Superstar (acoustic demo)
33. Oh my my my (demo)
34. Made Up You
35. Rain Song
36. Love They Haven’t Thought Of Yet
37. Love to Lose
38. In the Pouring Rain
39. Tennessee
40. Can I Go With You?
41. Am I Ready For Love?
42. Lucky You
43. Honey Baby
44. Check Out This View
45. Angelina
46. Till Brad Pitt Coms Along
47. I Used to Fly
48. This Here Guitar
49. For You
50. Picture to Burn Acoustic Demo
51. Sugar
52. Teardrops on My Guitar (alternate)
53. The Outside (alternate)
54. Electric Barnyard
55. That’s Life
56. White Horse (Grey’s Anatomy version)
57. Live for the Little Things
58. Invisible (demo)
59. Our Song (demo)
60. You Belong With Me (acoustic)
61. Superstar (demo)
62. Never Fade
63. This Here Guitar (acoustic)
64. Long Time Coming
65. Need You Now
66. Making Up For Lost Love
67. Firefly
68. Cold As You (demo)
69. A Place In This World (demo)
70. Thirteen Blocks
71. You Do
72. Didn’t They
73. Brought Up That Way
74. Brand New World
75. Spinning Around (full)
76. My Turn To Be Me
77. Mandolin
78. Who I’ve Always Been
79. My Point of View
80. My Cure (acoustic)
81. Your Face (studio)
82. Picture to Burn (acoustic demo)
83. By the Way (demo)
84. Same Girl
85. Cross My Heart
86. Down Came the Rain
87. My Cure (acoustic)
88. Dark Blue Tennessee (piano)
89. Being With My Baby (studio)
90. Cry Sorry (rare remix)
91. Never Mind (country)
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Trade? Looking for Gracie!
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