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 Songs i'm looking for

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PostSubject: Songs i'm looking for   Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:26 pm

Hello Smile i'm looking for my own strenght studio version i've hear the acoustic one so i'd love to hear the studio, and i know it's hard that someone will trade with me but i like trying Smile
My lists:

Taylor Swift:
Everything in circulation plus Made Up You, Making Up For Lost Love, PQs, V2s, Gracie, Crazier Alt (128 kpbs, 3,3 MB)

Carrie Underwood
Beautiful Live A 2:55
Cowboy Casanova pop
My Favourite Part
Lie To Me Again
Leave it to the rain
Lord Help Me
Sugar Rush acoustic
Pretty Little Girl
Okaloma Wind 3:33

Jordyn Shellhart
Breakable as You (demo)
Better Way to break (piano)
Boomerang (demo)
By the Way (acoustic)
Daddy's Credit Card (S cover)
Girl's World (S cover)
God Fearin' Woman
Gravity (Demo)
Gravity (ALT)
Happy Right Now Alt
Hey Cowboy
I won't give up on you
Learnt to love Alone (demo)
Like You Liking Me
Monday Morning Church
Not Ready to go Home
Rear view Mirror
Sing you back
Time,Fly demo
The Knot Comes United
The Right One
The You Part of Me
When it rains studio
Why do they call it blue
You don't get to get me (demo)

Lady Antebellum
Baby Girl
Brand New Life
Cross your Mind
Dance in the rain
Down Home Dixie Girl
Gypsy Soul
Glory Bound
Grow Old With Me
Head Over Heels
I Was Here (Demo)
If it's Alright with you
Love don't live here (demo)
Lucky Ones
Mason Dixon Line(Home Is Where The Heart Is)(Demo)
My life is yours
Need You Now (piano)
One Life Stand [With Anna Foster]
Secret Santa
Shades of Christmas
Shine for me
She Smiles
Somebody true
Lookin' For A Good Time (Demo)
Take Me far Away
Things people say (demo)
Wake Me Up
Waiting on My heart
What a Day
You could be the one
Your Ghost

Michelle Branch
Hey Baby (Sedona Sessions)
Not that Strong
Now that I found you
Pretty Little Lyin' Eyes (Studio)
Show Me a Sing
Through the Radio

Pixie Lott
Band Aid (3:17 Demo)
Boys and Girls (3:01 Demo)
Cry Me out (demo)
Jack (3:19 Demo)
Love Come Down
My Way (If I Changed)
No Good For Me
Every Girl (piano demo)
My love (demo)
The Fall (turn it up) demo

Army Of Love - Acapella (Studio Version)
Strange - Different Version
Tea Party (demo1)
Tricked By Love

Selena Gomez
A Year Without rain (demo)

Kate Voegele
Graduation Day
Wedding Song
Small Talk
Keep It Alive

then i have few songs from these artists too
Miley Cirus(9)
The Band Perry(4)
Neon Hitch (11)
KeĀ§ha (1)
Katy Perry (7)

so if someone wants to trade for these songs or other songs let me know
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PostSubject: Re: Songs i'm looking for   Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:01 pm

Here's my list Smile I'm interested in a few of your Lady A Songs and one of your Jordyn Shellhart songs. Ignore all the *'s and #'s

Lady A
Dance In The Rain - Charles Kelley (From 2 the 9's)
Down Home Dixie Girl (S) - Charles Kelley
God Only Knows (S) - Charles Kelley
Mason Dixon Line (Home Is Where the Heart Is) (Demo) (S) - Hillary Scott
Need You Now (Piano)
One Life Stand (w/Anna Foster) (S) # - Charles Kelley (From I Could Stay)
This Is Where Your Story Begins**#
What You Got#
A Year Ago Today (S) # - Hillary Scott
Your Ghost

Better Way To Break (P)**
Breakable As You (Demo) (S)**#
By The Way (Live) (A)** (Originally by Taylor Swift)
Boomerang (A) (Demo)**
Daddy's Credit Card (Live Cover)**
Freckles (S)***
God Fearin' Woman (S)**
Girl's World (Cover) (S)
Gravity (A) (Demo)**
Gravity (S) ALT)**#
Happy Right Now (ALT) (S)**
Heaven Knows (Myspace Demo) (S)**#
Hey Cowboy (A)**
The Knot Comes Untied (Live Cover)**
I Won't Give Up On You (S)(R)**
Like You Liking Me (A)**#
Learn to Love Alone (Demo) (A)**
Sing You Back (A)**
Monday Morning Church (L)**
My Own Strength (A)**#
Not Ready To Go Home (S)**#
Only Hope (P)**
Rearview Mirror (S)**#
The Right One (S)**
Time, Fly (P)**
When It Rains (A)**
Why Do They Call It Blue (A)**
You Don't Get To Get To Me (Demo) (S)**#

Miley Cyrus:
Butterfly Fly Away (Demo) (S)
Fly On The Wall (Demo) + Intro (S)
When I Look At You (Demo) (S)
These Four Walls (Demo) (S)
Party In The USA (Demo) (S)
Don't Walk Away (Demo) (S)
The Climb (Demo) (S)
Can't Be Tamed (Demo w/ Intro) (S)
Stay (Demo) (S)
Full Circle (Demo) (S)

And everything of Taylor's that's in circ. including the PQ versions.
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PostSubject: Re: Songs i'm looking for   Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:41 pm

Carrie Underwood

Beautiful Life
Oklahoma Wind ( Acoustic Demo )
Sugar Rush
Leave It To The Rain
Lie To me Again
My Favorite Part
Lord Help Me ( Acoustic )
When I Stop Loving You
Cowboy Casanova ( Pop Mix )
Home Sweet Home ( American Idol Leaving Song )
Pretty Little Girl


Love Spell ( Bonnie McKee )
Change ( Katrina Elam )
Oklahoma Wind ( John Randall )
Lord Help Me ( Katrina Elam )

When I Stopped Loving You ( Demo ) ( The December Experiment )
Jesus Take The Wheel ( Demo ) ( Hillary Lindsey )
Starts With Goodbye ( Demo ) ( Hillary Lindsey )
Wasted ( Demo ) ( Hillary Lindsey )
Leave Love Alone ( Hillary Lindsey )

Lady Antebellum

Mason Dixon Line
Dance In The Rain
Gypsy Soul
Down Home Dixie Girl
I Was Here
Head Over Heels
One Life Stand
Baby Girl
Learning To Fly
Looking For A Good Time
She Smiles
My Way
Last Night Last
This Is Where Your Story Begins
What You Got
Brand New Life
If It's Alright With You
Shades Of Christmas
Secret Santa
Glory Bound ( Charles Kelley )
My Life Is Yours ( Charles Kelley )
Your Ghost ( Charles Kelley )
Lucky Ones ( Charles Kelley )
What A Day ( Charles Kelley )
Wake Me Up ( Charles Kelley )
You Could Be The One ( Charles Kelley )
Take Me far Away ( Charles Kelley )
Somebody True ( Charles Kelley )
A Year Ago Today ( Hilary Scott )
Only God Knows ( Hilary Scott )

Jordyan Shellhart

My Own Strength ( S )
Freckles ( S )
Best Of Luck
Why Do They Call It The Blues
What You Deserve ( Demo )
When It Rains
Better Way To Break
Heaven Knows ( Myspace Demo )
I'm Breaking Up With You
Like You Liking Me
Rearview Mirror
I Won't Give Up On You
Not Ready To Go Home
Monday Morning Church
Snowflake Falling ( Demo )
Gravity ( 4.04 )
Learn To Love Alone
Time Fly ( Demo )
The You Part Of My Day
Daddy's Credit Card
God Fearin' Woman ( Cover )
The Knot Comes Untied
Girl's World
Like You Liking Me
You Don't Get To Get Me
Where The Blackberries Grow***** ( NOT TRADING AT THE MOMENT )
Holding On To Letting Go ( Live )
Still That Girl ( Piano Demo )
Gravity ( Demo )
Happy Right Now ( ALT )
By The Way ( Cover )
I Want It That Way ( Backstreet Boys Cover )

I have other artist! Just ask me for my list. Does anyone have a better copy of Happy Right Now ( ALT ) mine skips, and Monday Morning Church it only plays in the left earphone.
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PostSubject: Re: Songs i'm looking for   

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Songs i'm looking for
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